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Right now there are people saying I don;t look like I have Alzheimer's and others also looking at this photo and saying "so that's what's wrong with him."
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It's just me!

But with a new disease

Text and photo by Tom Hintz

Posted - 2-20-2013

I have been operating for over 12 years now and that experience made starting Fighting My Alzheimer's a natural thing to do. I am not highly educated, not in the medical field and can't even accurately describe what Alzheimer's is even though it lives within me. But there are things I can do.

One of my strengths has always been describing things to people. My web sites live and die on that capability. When it comes to Alzheimer's there is a wealth of misunderstanding, stereotyping and mistrust. I thought looking at this disease from the inside, as it happens might give those people who actually want to know the real deal some insight. I know that the lunatic fringe is winding up to start hurling their names and taunts but that could prove useful as well. Perhaps shedding light on what people say from behind the anonymity of the Internet will get the more reasoned of you to thinking about how you could be supportive or at least understand what people with Alzheimer's are going through.

I remember the late Dennis Hopper in the movie Easy Rider (yes, I am that old) saying, "Seems like a small thing to ask." Let's see if that is true with Alzheimer's.

Tom Hintz
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