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Brainerciser Reviews

This section provides a closer look at the things I am using to exercise my brain. The key with these is that they are challenging to the brain yet fun to do which means I, and perhaps you or your loved one will keep up the fight.

Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR Biplane
Very fast, very slow and great handling everywhere between

Precision Aerobatics Addiction X
Cheating what used to be the laws of aerodynamics

Spektrum™ DX6i DSMX® 6-Channel Transmitter
Computer magic for RC flying

T-28 Trojan by ParkZone
A bit of scale, trainer and sport in one plane

VisionAire 3D “Foamy” RC Airplane
Easy-flying mayhem in the sky

What Is a RC Flying Field?
A designated, prepared site is crucial to safety and fun




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