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I look a little different these days having lost 70lbs in about the last 10 months to a year. The important thing is that I feel way better to keep up the work on my sites!
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Alzheimer's 1, Cancer 0

Time to keep on keeping on

Text by Tom Hintz

Posted – 8-1-2017

I have been getting email asking what happened to me in terms of updating and my GoFundMe page. Since recovering from the cancer surgery my time has been devoted to getting back up to speed. It lost quite a bit of momentum while was getting back on my feet recovering from that surgery. Then, I got a string of donations that provided material for content so I put my head down and focused on getting that material out. The Internet is a tough place and you are only as good as your latest content.

The good news is that as of my last visit to the oncologist my cancer is considered in remission. There will be CT scans and blood work every so often to check for new cancer-related problems. I just had the first of the CT scan and blood work checks last week and see the oncologist this week for the results though I am not expecting anything. I am not on any cancer drugs or other related treatment and hope to continue that trend.

Though I stopped thinking about it very much the Alzheimer's remains. Since the surgery I feel like I have less memory-related problems but have no way to quantify that. I just feel more comfortable driving and doing day-to-day things. I also feel more organized when writing or editing video for I have no idea if something about the surgery, radiation or chemo changed how my brain is working or if this is just an emotional response to getting past the cancer.

What I am sure about it that there still is no cure for the Alzheimer's. If the bout with cancer and the related treatments only tweaked my perception of the Alzheimer's, I won’t complain. All I can do is keep fighting it by flying my RC planes more and stepping up the creation of content. All that forces my brain to function at a higher level and that still is the best “treatment” for Alzheimer's that anyone seems to know about.

I still enjoy getting out to the field, in the fresh air and flying my planes. It charges me up for the weekdays when I work on the sites to maintain their growth.
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So, I’ll keep cranking out content when I can afford it and you keep reading it. I have heard from several people who have taken up the hobby of flying RC planes to help them deal with their conditions and that is great to hear. I love creating content that people can use and get something from. Through everything that has happened in the last year or so, I still enjoy the work of generating content and getting to the flying field when I can to put the planes in the air.

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