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Having a doctor tell me to "fly all I can" would seem like a dream prescription if I didn't know that it won't cure a terminal disease. But it will slow it down if I can maintain the fight.
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The Hurrier I Go the Behinder I Get

Alzheimer’s supersedes logic

Text & photo by Tom Hintz

Posted – 6-2-2015

My Dad had a saying, "the hurrier you go the behinder you get." I have no idea if he thought it up or was simply repeating it at opportune moments but it makes way more sense now than it did to me back then. He would put this little saying on me when I got into one of my frenzy’s in pursuit of something I wanted. I have never been real good at waiting but these periods of want stepped that impatience up considerably. He would tell me, “You have all the time in the world to save up for that.” Back then that seemed very plausible but now with the Alzheimer’s diagnosis the “all the time in the world” thing has a new urgency.

These days I tend to be in “hurrier” mode most of the time. Not being able to simply jump in the car and go where I want without someone to take me there magnifies my frustrations. Between my compressed “all the time in the world” and limited travel nothing is easy and everything takes longer which feeds my instinct to stay in the “hurrier” mode.

A big reason for the GoFundMe campaign was to raise the money needed to accelerate the flow of material for the web site. I remain fully confident that will succeed and can provide income for my family when I am gone if I can get sufficient content to support that growth. So far it is working but I need to pick up the pace but I am fully aware that I cannot throw junk content up just to fill the space. I need real reviews and How-To’s but saving up the funds necessary simply takes longer than I have left.

Just a side note to this story. One of the things that surprise me is how little the general public knows about Alzheimer’s. I constantly get email from folks asking how long it takes to recover from Alzheimer’s. There are many questions along that line that assumes Alzheimer’s is a temporary condition and that it can be cured. Alzheimer’s is in fact terminal and though the medical community is thrashing to find a cure that has not happened. Also, hoping for a cure in my lifetime just is not realistic considering the time it takes to test and refine treatments.

So here we go again. The Hurrier I Go the Behinder I Get. It is a vicious circle that I hope to break or at least elongate so to speak. I am convinced that my focus on RC flying, both actually flying the models and more so the more time intensive production of content, is slowing the progression of the disease. That is obvious enough that my neurologist flatly told me to “fly all you can!” That would be the dream prescription if I didn’t know that it is really a last resort.

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