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Alzheimer's 1, Cancer 0
Time to keep on keeping on

Post-Surgery and Getting Back to the Shop and Flying Field
6 hours on the operating table and I still have my original voice!

Surgery Set for April 4th and I’m a Little Spooked
The rollercoaster continues

Half Way Time Out
The next step is a big one

End Phase One
I’m getting too small – according to some

Halfway with Frustrations

I Have Gas
Another twist in my cancer treatment

So, there’s this blast door…
My awe of the medical technology available to me deepens

Worst Ever Christmas Present
And I can’t return it

The Good News:
I Didn’t Get a Haircut

Taking a Runner
I'm beginning to understand the frustration that is my life

Different Enemy’s

It’s Getting Tougher

RC Withdrawals
Rain reduces flying time and magnifies concerns about the future

I’m Getting Popular, Sort Of
People just want me to do it their way

Jamming 8 Hours of Work Into 16 Hours
Schedule-resistant short-term memory failures

The Struggle for Stability
Sequencing is tough when I forget what’s next

Feeling Great Because I’m Feeling Terrible
Helping other RC’rs remains a big motivator

What Keeps Me Going
Where dreams and goals work against Alzheimer's

Sometimes I’m Me Again
When flying lifts the haze

Now I Know It, Now I Don’t
Adobe inadvertently stresses me out

Working for the Weekend
It’s more than a catchy song title to me

Waking Up In Soc Trang
| And no, it’s not a guilt trip

The Hurrier I Go the Behinder I Get
Alzheimer’s supersedes logic


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