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My disregard for concern over the length of my hair paid off this time as the potential chemotherapy for my can will probably eliminate the hair for free, so to speak.
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The Good News: I Didn’t Get a Haircut

By Tom Hintz

Posted – 11-25-2016

One of my doctors asked me if I was having trouble swallowing and in the weeks leading up to that doctor visit I indeed was having occasional trouble swallowing. My doctor sent me for a “swallow test” where you stand in front of an X-ray machine and drink radioactive liquid which they watch go down the esophagus. That test showed a narrowing of the esophagus where it enters my stomach. That earned me appointment for an endoscopy where they shove a camera down your throat to see what is going on. Thanks to modern medical records keeping they also discovered that it had been 10 years since my last colonoscopy so they generously did both ends (different scopes I hope) while I was under one anesthetic. The colonoscopy showed that despite the opinions of some Internet “fans” that there was nothing wrong with my butt. However, they did find a mass in my esophagus and took a couple biopsy’s that came back benign but they had noticed a spot on the mass that needed more biopsy’s.

During the second endoscopy, a couple weeks later more biopsies were taken and this time showed cancer. When the doctor called with that diagnosis he said I would be seeing another doctor at his facility that does ultrasonic endoscopy’s that will show much more detail on the mass. I also will be seeing a surgeon as at some point the mass probably has to come out. Finally, I will be seeing an oncologist (cancer doctor) who will be developing a treatment plan that will likely include chemotherapy and perhaps radiation treatments.

In addition to the mass a CT scan also revealed a 4cm aortic aneurysm that may or may not need attention. Nobody in my little segment of the medical community seems very worked up about Twisted Hobby’s 32" EPP Edge 540.e aneurysm but when I asked about beginning the cancer treatment until after the upcoming holiday season the doctor advised that we needed to take care of this “as soon as possible.” Urgency regarding cancer treatments from the doctor is not comforting.
I was not expecting anything big for this Christmas but out of the blue (sort of) the doctors doled out a couple more potentially lethal conditions to add to the Alzheimer's. So now we work our way through the new list of doctors and find out exactly what kind of cancer I have (I assume there are “kinds”) and just how serious this situation is. I am having a hard time convincing myself that there is a “no big deal” type of cancer for me to have but we won’t know that until we see the doctors who specialize in that stuff.

The good news is that with the prospect of chemotherapy skipping the haircut now looks like a good idea. It’s not looking like any of the doctor types will having anything cool for me this Christmas so I will have to feel good about them saving me the cost of a haircut. At times like this it is the little things, those little plus’s that help get me through the day.

Stay tuned.

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