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RC Wingers 2013 "Warbirds" Fly-In

A day of fun in Mooresville, NC

Text & Video by Tom Hintz

Posted - 10-22-2013

Most Radio Control clubs hold "fun fly's" or "Fly-In's" during the year to bring members of other clubs and the surrounding public to their flying field. The RC Wingers (Moorsville, NC - AMA #1462) to which I belong recently held their annual Warbirds Fly-In, an event that is limited to replicas of military aircraft.

As you will note in the video that "limitation" leaves the door open to a huge range of aircraft that the military has used since airplanes were first used in combat. This kind of event is also meant to let everyone have a good time and for members of other clubs to come fly at our field and meet some of our pilots.

We have prizes that a local hobby shop provides that are raffled off as a way for the club to raise funds for maintaining the field and improving the site along the way. You can see in the video that the RC Wingers field is nicely developed and maintained but that work continues as we improve the facility a little every year.

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