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One of the constants has become my lack of time

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Posted – 5-2-2015

I spend way more time producing what you see on the web sites than flying but this is great exercise for my brain also.
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When my neurologist told me I had Early Onset Alzheimer’s she also told me it was time to get my life in order. She gave me a 3 to 13 year time frame for this disease to run its course and at this writing we are 4 years into that process. So far I feel like I am ahead of Alzheimer’s because of the intense brain exercise demanded by flying RC planes and to a much greater extent producing the material for and Like most webmasters I am inundated by BS claims from people who want me to pay them a bunch of money to make my web sites famous. I think the success of has shown that there is no magic cyber bullet that replaces lots of solid content that people can get something from to make a web site grow and maintain the traffic levels that generate income.

Over the last 15 years of running and its associated sites I have refused to put ads in the content area even though that would pay much better. I know people do not like ads forced on them but to keep the site free to the public I have to run ads around the content area. Making a free web site is anything but a cost-free endeavor.

Now I am working as hard as I can, often 12 to 14 hours per day, to grow so that when I am no longer able to produce content, that site will have momentum so it continues to generate some income for my family. The problem is that while I may actually live another 10 years or so the natural progression of Alzheimer’s is going to end my ability to create content or manage the web site well before I die. That unknown time frame is the reason for this GoFundMe campaign. It takes money to produce a web site normally, when there is an unknown time limitation the urgency, and costs go up.

I suppose I could use Yahoo’s model and jam ads down your throat with absolutely no regard for the content but unlike Yahoo, I realize that you can click out of that kind of belligerence. When I owned up to having Alzheimer’s most of the corporate sponsors and advertisers on my site ran for the hills. I’m not sure if they expected me to wind up on a tall building with a chisel or what but that departure has all but killed my sites. Enter GoFundMe.

I am hopeful that the people who have found my sites to be helpful or entertaining all these years will see fit to make a donation to help keep the content coming and the sites growing. If I can continue to add content at the current pace building the sites to a level that will generate some level of income for my family later is an attainable goal. It is obvious that the biggest part of the corporate world could care less but I am betting that there are lots of caring people passing through my sites every day.

While it would be great for one or two really rich types to cure the problems I think it is more realistic to hope for lots of people to make more modest contributions. I know there are lots of good people out there because I hear from them in email all of the time.

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