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One of the unsettlling things about the radiation that will be shot into me is that it is so strong they put these "targets" on me to be sure they are hitting the tumor and not things like my heart and lungs and stuff that are near by. Lets hope these folks are good shots!
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Worst Ever Christmas Present

And I can’t return it

Text, photo and video by Tom Hintz

Posted 12-26-2016

Every Christmas I can expect thoughtful presents from my wife and daughter and a fresh supply of Green Bay Packer clothing from my in-laws back in Wisconsin. The Packer gear has become increasingly important as my on-line persona has become defined by the ever-present Packer clothing and my voice narrating my 500 plus videos. At last year’s Joe Nall held at Triple Tree Aerodrome I was repeatedly recognized by people at the event and even the hotel breakfast lines as the “video guy” from The voice and Packer gear are turning out to be my best marketing tools.

This year however I received probably the most memorable surprise ever. A string of doctors that were chasing down a reason for my having a little trouble swallowing discovered a tumor in my stomach right where it meets the esophagus. The diagnosis is a stage 3 cancer and we are about to embark on an intensive five-week long regimen of chemo and radiation therapy that everyone promises I will not enjoy. That will be followed sometime in spring of 2017 by surgery to remove most of my stomach and esophagus and connecting the remaining ends of those organs. It doesn’t sound like any of that will be fun either.

All this is important to the viewers of because the effects of the chemo/radiation on my energy and stamina will slow my work on the sites. I will continue to do the sites through all this but there will probably be more time between the posting of new content. Also, any of you who have been through a serious medical issue knows that there is a financial drain associated with it that will also slow my ability to produce content.

I appreciate the loyalty of the folks who visit and and just wanted you to know that I am down but not out. As energy and cash allow there will be new content appearing on my sites. I am hopeful that a year down the road will find me close to being my old self again and anxious to return to my non-stop work weeks and the enjoyment doing that work gives me.

Stay tuned! The “video guy” is not giving up!

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